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90 minutes fire protection for safe storage of lithium ion batteries.

As technology develops, so do its applications. One such example of this development is the rechargeable lithium ion battery – initially developed as a potential alternative to oil power, this powerhouse battery is now present across various products in every workplace, from smaller items like phones, computers and portable tools, to larger units like electric vehicles.

While it has taken 50 years for the lithium ion battery to realise its unique potential in the marketplace, it is not yet without risk from improper use and storage.

Lithium ion batteries can pose fire and safety risks when improperly stored - learn about new storage solutions for these materials here.


Due to the natures of electrolyte used in lithium ion batteries, there is a constant risk of fire and thermal runaway as a result of improper use and storage. Thermal runaway refers to the chain of events that occur when the temperature within a battery cell reaches a high enough point to cause a chemical reaction – this reaction burns extremely hot, and is nearly impossible to stop once it has started.

Additionally, if a battery is damaged, overloaded, or overheated, the risk of fire increases. As a result, great care is needed when storing these batteries, particularly in larger quantities.

Lithium ion batteries stored at freezing or very high temperatures will see a loss of battery capacity – this can also create issues when using the battery, as the unit’s level of structural integrity will be impaired.

Storage Solutions:

Our team at Safety Storage have been working on developing a range of Fire-Protected Lithium Ion Battery Stores and Cabinets to allow safe and adequate storage conditions for these battery types. These stores and cabinets offer 90 minutes of fire protection (in accordance with BS476 part 22, and exceeding requirements for RC61 guidelines), heavy duty welded steel construction with secure lockable doors, and self-sealing vents allowing the safe dispersal of highly flammable vapours.

The units are also customisable, with additional options including:

  • Adjustable shelving
  • Lighting
  • Temperature controls
  • Fire detection & suppression

As the electrolyte used in lithium ion batteries has a low flashpoint, our team will ensure that any additional electrical equipment installed in the stores and cabinets also matches Atex Standards.

All units are provided fully assembled to your required specifications, and can be located indoors or outdoors with security signage fitted as standard.

Sound like the solution you need? Get in touch with our expert team today to discuss your requirements and learn more.