Spill trays for safe storage of small containers.

Spill Trays from €66.00 delivered

Plastic Spill Trays

Model Size (mm) Stores Bund
ST20 600w x 400d x 155h 20 litres PDF Image
ST30 800w x 400d x 155h 3 x 25 litre Drums 30 litres PDF Image
ST60 1000w x 600d x 175h 6 x 25litre drums 60 litres PDF Image
ST100 1200w x 800d x 175h 8 x 25litre drums 100 litres PDF Image
BP4 1380w x 1290d x 280h 16 x 25 litre Drums 250 litres PDF Image
Bench Top 305w x 430d x 100h - 5.6 litres PDF Image

Drip Trays

Model Dimensions (mm) Capacity Pack Size
Tray 1 410w x 310d x 45h 5 litres 5 PDF
Tray 2 790w x 400d x 45h 12 litres 5 PDF
Tray 3 1000w x 400d x 45h 15 litres 5 PDF

Standard Features

  • Range of sizes to suit all requirements.
  • Moulded plastic construction suitable for corrosive chemicals.
  • Removable decks keep drums out of spilled liquids.
  • For safe storage of chemical containers up to 100 litres.
  • Spilled chemicals easily removed.

Customised Features

  • If our standard spill tray sizes do not suit your application, we can fabricate spill trays to your specific dimensions.

  • Customise Your Solution


Moulded Polyethylene

Moulded polyethylene construction suitable for storage of corrosive chemicals.

Removable Plastic Deck

Removable plastic deck stores containers above any spilled liquids.

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