Emergency Spill kits in a range of sizes to deal with spills from 20 litres to 250 litres.

Spill Kits

  Description Application Capacities    
  General purpose / Universal Oils, water based and non aggressive chemicals 20 litres to 250 litres PDF  
  Oil only Oils and fuels will repel water 20 litres to 250 litres PDF  
  Chemical Hazardous Chemicals 20 litres to 250 litres PDF  

Standard Features

  • Supplied in highly visible packs or wheelie bins.
  • Instruction sheet included.
  • PPE included.
  • Contents include absorbant socks, mats, pillows.
  • Disposal bags and ties.

Customised Features

  • Contents can be changed to suit your specific requirements.
  • Drain seals included in larger kits.

  • Customise Your Solution

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