Flammable stores which are fire protected for storage of highly flammable chemicals such as solvents, alcohols, fuels, paints and thinners.

Walk-in Flammables Stores

Model Size Bund
FS2520 1700w x 900d x 2000h 100 litres PDF Image
FS1.5 1700w x 1700d x 2500h 330 litres PDF Image
FS2.5 2500w x 2500d x 2600h 1000 litres PDF Image
FS3.6 2500w x 3600d x 2600h 1450 litres PDF Image
FS6.0 2500w x 6000d x 2600h 2500 litres PDF Image

Pallet Flammables Stores

Model Size (mm) Stores Bund
FS1.5 1700w x 1700d x 2600h 1 IBC /
4 drums
1175L (IBCs) /
330L (Drums)
PDF Image
FS8 3200w x 1800d x 2600h 2 IBCs /
8 drums
1175L (IBCs) /
450L (Drums)
FS16 3200w x 1800d x 3300h 4 IBCs /
16 drums
1175 litres PDF
FS16 wi 5850w x 1800d x 2600h 4 IBCs /
16 drums
1175 litres PDF
FS32 5850w x 1800d x 3300h 8 IBCs /
32 drums
2300 litres PDF Image
FS12IBC 7450w x 1800d x 3400h 12 IBCs 3200 litres PDF
FS48L 8600w x 1800d x 3300h 48 drums 3200 litres PDF Image
FS64 5850w x 3200d x 3300h 16 IBCs /
64 drums
3200 litres PDF
FS96 8600w x 3200d x 3300h 24 IBCs /
96 drums
6000 litres PDF

Optional Extras

Options Description
Fixed Shelving 2 No. levels 500mm deep Image
Adjustable Shelving Bay 1050w x 500d x 2100h (5 shelves per bay) Image
Frost Protection Atex (flammable atmosphere) Image
Extraction Atex (flammable atmosphere) Image
Lighting Atex (flammable atmosphere) Image
Temperature Control Atex (flammable atmosphere) Image
Fire Extinguisher Ceiling mounted automatic powder extinguisher Image
Anti Static Protection Wall mounted grounding rail and binding cables
Fire Escape Emergency fire escape door for stores over 6m long Image
Access Ramp 1000w x 1200d x height to suit store

Standard Features

  • 90 minutes fire protection to BS476 part22.
  • Delivered to site fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Easily relocated.
  • Bunds leak tested and certified.
  • Intumescent ventilation panels fitted at high and low level to vent flammable vapours.
  • Insulated firewalls.
  • Open mesh grating floor allows spilled chemicals to pass into bund.
  • Safety Signage fitted as standard.
  • Insulated fire doors with high security locking systems.

‘Walk-In’ Stores

Shelved for storage of small containers.

Pallet Stores

For storage of Pallets of chemical drums and IBCs. Capacities from 1 pallet to 24 pallets.

Customised Features

    This product can be customised to your requirements:

  • Fixed or adjustable shelving.
  • Manufacture any size.
  • Atex extraction.
  • Lighting, heating systems.
  • Fire supression systems.
  • Emergency fire escape doors.
  • Anti-static grounding.
  • Doors can be fitted on any wall.
  • Temperature control systems can be fitted to store your chemicals at preset temperatures.

    Customise Your Solution

Flammables Store

Our 90 minute fire protected Flammables Stores are designed to store highly flammable chemicals in ‘unsafe’ locations.



Heavy duty welded tubular steel framework. Insulated firewall panels. Forklift pockets fitted to base. Roof lifting eyes.


Epoxy coated steel bunds as standard. Bund capacities: 110% of largest container or 25% of total volume stored. Leak tested and certified.


Self sealing intumescent ventilation louvres on end walls at high and low level, to vent flammable vapours.


Open mesh grating floor allows spilled chemicals to pass into bund.


Walk-in stores fitted with twin hinged fire doors. Pallet stores fitted with sliding doors or Roller doors.


Safety/warning signs fitted to doors.

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